Collection: Tie on carriers, Ring Slings and Stretchy Wraps


Stretchy wraps offer the best support for you and your young baby, with a comforting wraparound feel for you both, distributing the weight widely through your whole body.  They are perfect from newborn, keeping them snug to your body with fabric to support their head. It can be pre-tied to pop them in and out during the day, providing a very useful sling for around the house in the early days, as well as out and about. Many parents find them great for feeding their baby in too.

Ring slings are simple to use, suitable from newborn up to toddler and beyond, primarily on your front or hip. For those in between moments when you need your arms and your child demands to be in arms, it is an ideal sling for doing light chores around the house, taking a toddler to the park, or to accommodate a crawling baby who likes to get up and down a lot. It can be great to breastfeed or bottle feed in too. It is a really sociable sling. They are lightweight and very portable as they pack down small. The tail can be used to tuck under for extra head support, to keep you dry in a rain shower, or to shield from the sun. If you like the idea of a sling like this but don't like the rings then look at the Mini Monkey Mini Sling - the same concept but with a buckle style adjuster instead of rings!

Meh Dai/Tie on style carriers have no clips or buckles, just a shaped panel with two short ties forming waistband and two long ties which cross on the wearers back and are tied at the front or back secure. The Meh Dai combines the feeling of a woven wrap with the ease and support of a structured carrier and most have wide shoulder ties allowing you to spread the fabric over you and you baby giving a more supported and comfortable fit. 

Tie on carriers, Ring Slings and Stretchy Wraps