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Lifft Slings

Lifft Stretchy Wraps

Lifft Stretchy Wraps

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The award winning Lifft Stretchy Wrap enables you to keep your baby close and supported, in a natural, ergonomic position. Suitable from birth, so a great introductory sling before moving on to something more structured.


Weight/ Age Range

Suitable from birth to 15kg (2.5kg/5.5lb to 15kg /33lb). Realistically from newborn up to 3-6 months but it can absolutely be used for longer if you and your baby are still comfy.


Carrying Positions

Designed primarily for using on your front with your baby facing you, as is seen in the pictures. However, your baby's position can be tweaked to support different needs and you can achieve a hip carry with this carrier but this should be under the guidance and support of a trained baby wearing consultant. This wrap evenly distributes weight and supports your infant in a natural ergonomic position.

Complies with CEN/TR 16512:2015


Strap Type

This carrier is a one size fits all, tie on carrier - essentially it is one long length of fabric that you 'pre tie' (wrap around your body in a set way before putting your baby in). Once on, the fabric that has created the 'straps' can be spread across your shoulders and back distributing your baby's weight evenly over your body. The part of the wrap that goes around your waist can be positioned high or low for your own comfort and there are no buckles to do up and there are no rough, or hard parts whatsoever. 



The stretchy wrap is made from a luxurious 2 way stretch cotton, ensuring a snug and supportive fit. 94% cotton, 6% elastane. Machine washable

The two way stretch fabric makes this wrap particularly easy to wrap around and pre-tie and then place baby in and out. Not to be confused with the 1 way stretchy wrap which is a much less stretchy fabric - Many people find the 2 way stretchy wrap easier to use and get a good fit with. 


What we love about this carrier

This is always the carrier that we suggest and recommend for using with a newborn - or at least trying if you're not sure! There are very few other types of carrier that will allow you to get the same soft, comfortable and supportive fit around your delicate newborn as a stretchy wrap. Great for bonding with your baby by keeping them close to your body heat, heartbeat and reassuring voice.

Also a really great option if you are recovering from a c section as the fabric is so soft and can be positioned away form sore areas without compromising fit. And the best bit?! You can pop your baby in and out of this wrap all day long without having to re - tie it! Thats right, you can just put it on in the morning and not have to worry about taking it on and off all day or constantly adjusting.


About Lifft Slings

Owned and created by a trained baby wearing consultant, all Lifft slings are manufactured in Yorkshire, UK. The Lifft stretchy wrap has won multiple awards since 2017. 

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