Collection: Toddler Carriers

Just because your baby isn't a baby anymore you can absolutely still carry them if you want to, take a look at our toddler and preschool sized carriers. 

Reasons to carry a toddler (if you still need convincing!)

  • They might be walking, but they might not walk far - and we can all appreciate how heavy toddlers are to carry in our arms!
  • Keep them close when you need to, that might be in busy or crowded places, or if you are walking alongside a road. 
  • Security - your child may feel overwhelmed or scared in certain situations or environments, carrying them helps them to feel safe.
  • Naps! Its fine to let your child nap whilst carrying, you may find it hard to stop them at times!
  • Carriers can go anywhere with you, unlike most pushchairs which don't go up steps, along narrow paths or over muddy or sandy ground!
  • These are just SOME of the reasons to carry a toddler, there are so many more - every family is different, every child if different and every situation if different, but adding a carrier to your life could just make things a little easier and happier for you and your child.
Toddler Carriers