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Melliapis Muslin Ring Slings

Melliapis Muslin Ring Slings

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The Muslin Ringsling is compact and extremely light weight, quick and easy to use and it folds up so small that you can easily fit it in your pocket or bag.


Weight/ Age Range

Suitable from newborn to toddler. Safety tested from 5lb up to 35lb.


Carrying Positions

Front facing in and hip carry. (Front facing in carry only until your baby has good head control at around 3-4months old).

Strap Type

This carrier is a ring sling, which is one length of fabric (180cm) with a set of metal rings attached to one end. The fabric is looped over one shoulder and secured and tightened or loosened through the rings creating a pouch for your baby to be carried in. There are no padded parts, buckles or separate straps but the fabric over the weight bearing shoulder can be spread to give a more comfortable fit.



Two layers of muslin woven together create a fabric that is surprisingly strong but also lightweight, this super soft 100% organic cotton sling is snuggly and perfect for newborns but will also carry a toddler easily. Machine washable and quick to dry due to the lightweight fabric. 


What we love about this carrier...

The ring sling is a super simple design and is great for newborns who just don't want to be out down to toddlers who need the occasional carry - This sling will be comfy to have on around the home but super useful on trips to the shops or for carrying a toddler who needs to be picked up for short periods and will then want to walk a few minutes later! This sling is made from a lovely lightweight fabric which is perfect for the warmer months and can be rolled up and popped into your bag barely taking up any space at all! And when you're not using it to carry a baby you can repurpose it as a scarf for yourself! Nifty!


About Melliapis

A family run business owned by a trained baby wearing consultant based in Manchester, Uk. Antonia has been hand making baby carriers for over 10 years and can create custom carriers of different types if you are after something very specific! 

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