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Mini Monkey Sling

Mini Monkey Sling

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The Mini Sling from Mini Monkey is super small and light, weighing in at less than 200 grams - that's similar to a mobile phone! Extremely compact once packed away, you'll always have space in your bag for this nifty sling!


Weight/Age Range 

0-2 years (3.5kg minimum weight, 15kg maximum weight) 


Carrying Positions 

Front facing in from newborn, and a hip carry once your baby becomes more interested in the world around them - perfect for nosy toddlers! Both carry positions place your baby in an ergonomic position, supporting your baby's hip development. There is also a safety loop which stops the sling sliding up and over your baby's bottom, preventing them from slipping out of the sling accidentally. 

Compliant with all EU Safety norms.



One size fits all. This carrier is essentially a single loop of fabric, where your baby's weight is carried on one shoulder. The fabric is designed to spread over your shoulder giving a more comfortable fit. The Mini Monkey has one main adjustable strap, and a smaller adjustable buckle strap for getting a secure carry. The top and bottom edges of the main pouch are lightly padded providing a comfortable feel for your baby. It is absolutely possible to wear this carrier for extended periods but it is designed primarily to be quick and simple to put on, and intended for shorter carries. 



100% recycled polyester mesh fabric (lightweight with small holes). Machine washable and quick drying making it the perfect carrier for the shower, pool or beach. (Never swim with your baby in a carrier). Comes with its own integrated drawstring bag for keeping things tidy. 

Available in 3 colours - Blue, Grey, and Green - click through the pictures to view them all. 


Why we love this carrier!

This is the smallest, lightest, most compact sling we stock here at Carry My Baby. Perfect for popping in your bag 'just incase', amazing for holidays and warmer weather. Well worth having, even as a second carrier to have to hand alongside a more padded structured carrier such as the Tula or Ergobaby. They are so simple and easy to use too, a really great bit of kit. 


About Mini Monkey

Mini Monkey is a Dutch brand, based in Amsterdam and created in 2007 by Margot Visser.

Margot is a mum who wanted to create something small and compact to lighten the load when it comes to all the things you take out and about with you when you have a baby. 

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