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Tula Mini (Toy Carrier)

Tula Mini (Toy Carrier)

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Babies and children love to imitate their caregiver. They look up to them, they learn from them, sometimes they even want to be like them when they grow up. They are their role model. Tula developed a Baby Doll Carrier just for our little ones. To celebrate them getting bigger or becoming big siblings.

You and you child can take care of your loved ones together. What a great activities for bonding time. While your other little one might get most of the attention during the days, it is a fun activity to share with each other.

Not only can the children spend time with their caregivers while taking care of their dolls and teddy bears, but also the Baby Doll Carrier is a great toy they can play on their own with. They can keep themselves busy while you are in home office or taking care of the baby.

The Tula Mini Toy and Doll Carrier is for children from age 1,5 years and older and is adjustable to the different kids and ages of childhood. Although your child is growing, your child can still play with Tula’s Toy and Doll Carrier.

Made from 100% cotton and machine washable. 

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