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Tula Half Buckle

Tula Half Buckle

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Sorry, we are currently out of stock in this product. Please do look at the Neko Tai Carrier which is a great alternative!

The Tula Half Buckle is a 'hybrid' carrier that offers the comfort and easy of a buckle waist and the customisable snug support of crossable tie straps. In additions to the front carry and back carry positions the Half Buckle also offers a hip carry position. 


Age/ Weight Range

7-45lbs which is from around newborn up to around 2 years of age depending on the height of your child - no insert required. Note that most children will outgrow this carrier in height rather than by exceeding the weight limit, and, as all children are different, this may be when the child reaches 18 months or it might not be until they're over 2 years old!


Carrying Positions

3 carrying positions - front facing inwards, hip carry and back carrying. These positions are dependant on the developmental stage of your baby. They should be carried facing inwards on your front for the first 5 months. Once they are around 3 months AND have good head control they can be worn to your side in the hip carry position. Back carrying is from around 6 months when your baby is able to sit unaided. Each position provides a natural, ergonomic position best for comfortable carrying that promotes healthy hip and spine development for baby


Strap Type

The Tula Half Buckle has a thick, sturdy buckle waist band with one direction tightening. The two shoulder straps are tie on straps which are thickly padded but fan out to wider, unpadded long ties which are crossed on your back, crossed again under your babies bum then tied on your lower back.  



100% cotton, machine washable. 



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