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Tula Explore

Tula Explore

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The Explore makes it easy to carry babies from 7-45lbs. Wear it 3 ways: front facing in, front facing out, or with baby on the back. No matter the position, you'll get an ergonomic fit with padded shoulders and wide waistbands to evenly distribute weight for any wearer.


Age/ Weight Range

7-45lbs/ 3.2-20.4kg which is from around newborn up to around 2 years of age depending on the height of your child. Note that most children will outgrow this carrier in height rather than by exceeding the weight limit, and, as all children are different, this may be when the child reaches 18 months or it might not be until they're over 2 years old!


Carrying Positions

3 carrying positions - front facing inwards, front facing outwards and back carrying. These positions are dependant on the developmental stage of your baby. They should be carried facing inwards on your front for the first 5 months. Once they are around 5 months AND have good head/torso control they can be worn facing outwards on your front. IMPORTANT - You should never let your baby sleep in the outwards facing position, it is for awake periods only. Back carrying is from around 6 months when your baby is able to sit unaided. Each position provides a natural, ergonomic position best for comfortable carrying that promotes healthy hip and spine development for baby


Strap Type

The Tula Explore has a thick, sturdy buckle waist band with one direction tightening. The two shoulder straps are thickly padded adjustable rucksack style straps with a small adjustable clip connecting them to ensure a good comfortable fit and keep the straps in place on your shoulders. 



At carry my baby we have the Explore in two different fabric types, the printed cotton, and the linen

The cotton option is 100% cotton and the linen option is 52% flax linen, 48% combed cotton. Both can be machine washed.

More about linen:

Naturally Cool Fabric

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