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Neko Tai (Meh Dai)

Neko Tai (Meh Dai)

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The Neko Tai is a Meh Dai/Tie on style carrier. It has no clips or buckles, just a shaped panel with two short ties forming waistband and two long ties which cross on the wearers back and are tied at the front or back secure. The Neko Tai combines the feeling of a woven wrap with the ease and support of a structured carrier. 


Weight/ Age Range 

Newborn (from 3.5kg/8lbs) to around 2 years (Max weight 15kg). To allow for different sizes of baby the Neko Tai features an adjustable panel, in the form of velcro hidden within the waistband to adjust the width and drawstring ties on each side to adjust the height. It also features an elastic drawstring at the top of the main panel to allow you to get a more supportive fit at the back of your baby's neck. 

Carrying Positions

Front facing inwards from birth, hip carry from 3 months if your baby has good head control and back carry from around 6 months as long as your baby can sit unaided. 



This carrier is a tie on carrier, both the ties forming the waistband and the ties forming the shoulder straps are tied on to secure, in a double knot. The waist band is foam padded for extra support, the ties that come off the padded section give a total length of 180cm. 

The shoulder ties are immediately spreadable from the panel and do not have any padding. They are 25cm wide and 195cm long. Spreading the width of the fabric over your shoulders and back gives a super supportive, comfortable fit. The straps can also be spread over your baby's bottom giving more comfort and support to older babies. 



100% woven, organic combed cotton in a jacquard weave. They are very soft and cushy. Hand wash only. Comes with its own drawstring carry bag in matching fabric to keep it clean and tidy when not being used.


What we love about this carrier...

The Neko Tai is made from the most beautiful, soft fabric and is lovely to wear. The ability to spread the shoulder straps over your back and shoulders makes this such a comfortable carrier and you can get the perfect fit with every time. Tie on carriers are also a great option if you don't get on will with buckles and clips or find them difficult to tighten. 


About Neko Slings

Based and manufactured in Turkey since 2012, distributed across Europe. Neko are passionate about baby wearing and creating quality products using GOTS and organic cotton.

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