Sling Hire Terms & Conditions

Hiring from the sling library 
When you hire from us you become a sling library user which means you agree to these terms, will take good care of the carrier(s), maintain good communication with us, return slings on time, in good condition with all accessories supplied, avoiding damage or permanent staining. When you hire a sling you will receive an email with safety information, instructions and the return/renewal date of the sling.

Hire fees and length of hire period 
Hire fees pay for us to run a sling library service for you. Our hire period is 1 week at a fixed fee of £15 per sling. We do not offer postal hire, hires are only available to those who are able to attend a pop up, have a consultation or can collect in person so that we can ensure the carrier you would like to hire is suitable for you and your child. 

A deposit is required, this is payable at the beginning of the hire period and will be refunded to you at the end of the hire period providing the carrier is returned on time and in the condition it was lent in.

Renewals & Returns 
At the end of the hire period you will be prompted by email of the return and be asked to respond to arrange return. Slings should be returned the day after the hire period has ended unless an alternative date has been agreed, after this a late fee will be charged at £5 per day, and recovered from your deposit. Renewals are possible but not always available due to demand from other library users, if you wish to renew a hire you must contact us as soon as possible to see if the carrier is available. If we do not hear from you carriers will be considered lost if 30 days elapse after a hire period ends without contact. We will attempt to recover the carrier and you will be charged for fees owed and/or cost of replacement of the carrier by way of your deposit. 

Loss and damage 
For any carriers lost or returned with damage or permanent staining beyond normal wear and tear you will be liable for any costs incurred for extra laundering, repairs or replacement of a carrier, parts or accessories, with each judged on a case by case basis. Please inform Carry My Baby in advance of any of the above.

Carrier Care 
To prolong the life of the carrier for future use, store it safely to avoid damage from bleach, sun cream, direct sun, zips, pets and pet hair or anything that may cause permanent staining, fading, damage, contamination or heavy odour. Take care to avoid mess from food getting on the carrier from your child, yourself or during food prep. Carry My Baby prefers to not lend carriers to smoking households.

Washing of Carriers 
Spot clean when necessary using plain water and leave to dry naturally if the carrier becomes lightly stained from being sucked on or from milky deposits. Do not machine wash as this can cause damage and undue wear if not done so correctly, leave lasting odours from heavily perfumed laundry detergents, and it decreases the life of the carrier. Fabric softener must not be used. Carry My Baby washes carriers after each hire so the carrier is clean for your use. We cannot guarantee that the carrier will be free of all marks or pet hairs. If you feel it necessary that the carrier be cleaned whilst on hire then contact Carry My Baby for washing advice.
Condition of the carrier  
All carriers are checked before lending to ensure that they are in good condition and working order, and will be inspected on their return. It is the hirer’s responsibility to check over the carrier before use, checking buckles, hems and seams ensuring that there are no tears, breaks, cracks or holes. If in doubt then do not use and immediately report it to Carry My Baby.

Safe use of carriers   
You will be supplied with safety information and instructions. It is your responsibility to read and follow safety and use instructions before using a carrier, and to ensure it is used correctly and your baby is safe at all times, and you can monitor their airways. Seat your child correctly in the carrier and check knots and buckles and safety of child at regular intervals. If you are unsure then get in touch with Carry My Baby during your hire period, as your baby's safety is paramount.

All slings, carriers, and accessories remain the property of Carry My Baby at all times, and all hires are subject to availability and our discretion.